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  1. Breaded onion

    RSD 290

    breaded onion rings with spicy sauce

  2. Roasted peppers stuffed with kajmak cream

    RSD 240

  3. Goat cheese

    RSD 550

    grilled goat cheese with walnuts and dried plums rolled in bacon

  4. Bruschetta with mushrooms

    RSD 450

    three kind of mushrooms, rosemary, tomato and olive oil

  5. Bruschetta with prosciutto

    RSD 590

    mozzarella cheese, tomato, pesto genovese sauce and olive oil

  6. Cheese board

    RSD 750

    gorgonzola, cheese, mozzarella, feta, kajmak cream, goat cheese and walnuts

  7. Bajloni hors d’oeuvre

    RSD 850

    beef and Njegus’ prosciutto, smoked pork meat, kulen, pork cracklings, ajvar, kajmak, feta cheese and olives


  1. Burger

    RSD 490

    beef burger with cheese served with aromatic potatoes

  2. CEVAP

    RSD 490

    traditional Serbian minced meat with tortilla served with aromatic potatoes

  3. Sausage

    RSD 490

    Carniolan sausage with mustard, ketchup, sweet chilly served with aromatic potatoes


  1. Greek salad

    RSD 450

    traditional Greek salad with tomatoes, olives, feta cheese, pepper, cucumber and red onion

  2. Greek salad with turkey

    RSD 610

    Greek salad with turkey, tomatoes, olives, feta cheese, pepper, cucumber and red onion

  3. Caesar

    RSD 620

    well-known… Iceberg lettuce, cherry tomato, chicken, tomato, bacon and cheese

  4. Salad with salmon

    RSD 790

    green salad mix with fresh salmon, tortilla, beans, corn, feta cheese, arugula and olive oil

  5. Salad with beefsteak

    RSD 880

    picante salad with beefsteak, green salad mix, tortilla, arugula and parmesan


  1. Penne with chicken and almond

    RSD 560

    tasty sauce with chicken fillet and almond in pesto genovese sauce and olive oil

  2. Penne with carbonara sauce

    RSD 640

    well-known combination …

  3. Oriental chicken

    RSD 590

    Asian style chicken with crispy vegetables in oyster sauce

  4. À la chef smoked chicken drumstick

    RSD 720

    naturally smoked chicken drumstick in the traditional way with aromatic potatoes

  5. Chicken saltimbocca with arugula

    RSD 750

    chicken fillet with Njegus’ prosciutto in arugula and white wine cream sauce

  6. Turkey with pasta

    RSD 820

    turkey fillets in white sauce served with home-made pasta in gorgonzola sauce

  7. Duck breasts with gnocchi

    RSD 940

    duck breasts with crispy gnocchi in sauce made from olives, bacon and white wine

  8. Serbian traditional sausages

    RSD 750

    well-known Bajloni sausages in mustard sauce

  9. Pork fillet with white sauce

    RSD 750

    pork fillet in white sauce served on mashed potatoes

  10. Meat box TRIO

    RSD 890

    beefsteak, pork and chicken fillets stuffed with three kind of mushrooms served with aromatic potatoes

  11. Venison goulash

    RSD 880

    traditional venison meat with dried plums and mashed potatoes

  12. Veal ribs with kajmak cream

    RSD 1050

    veal ribs cooked in a vacuum than baked in the kajmak cream and milk, served with flavored potatoes

  13. Smoked trout

    RSD 1050

    trout fillet smoked according to an old recipe served with potatoes and chard

  14. Mediterranean salmon

    RSD 1250

    salmon fillet with tomato and olives in white wine sauce

  15. Beefsteak with oyster mushrooms and gorgonzola sauce

    RSD 1250

    beefsteak with different vegetables in gorgonzola sauce


  1. Hot chilly peppers

    RSD 100

  2. Ajvar

    RSD 100

    (minced roasted red peppers and eggplants with garlic)

  3. Green salad mix

    RSD 150

  4. Serbian salad

    RSD 180

    (tomato, cucumber, sweet pepper, onion and hot chilly pepper)

  5. Traditional salad

    RSD 180

    (tomato, cucumber, onion and feta cheese)

  6. Greek salad

    RSD 200

    (tomato, cucumber, onion, feta cheese, sweet pepper, olives and oregano)

Wine (Mackov podrum) / Beer

  1. Sauvignon Blanc Suncev Breg

    RSD 1250


  2. Burgundac Suncev Breg

    RSD 1250


  3. Rose Suncev Breg

    RSD 1250


  4. Tuborg Beer

    RSD 100


  5. Lav Beer

    RSD 100


Refreshing Drinks

  1. Rosa

    RSD 70


  2. Knjaz Milos

    RSD 70


  3. Nestea Peach/Lemon

    RSD 90


  4. Coca Coca / ZERO

    RSD 90


  5. Fanta

    RSD 90


  6. Sprite

    RSD 90


  7. Schweppes Bitter Lemon / Tonic

    RSD 90



  1. Berry White

    RSD 280

  2. Apple pie with pasticceria sauce

    RSD 280

  3. Bajloni cake

    RSD 300

  4. Choco tart

    RSD 350